shiny chrome rims.

Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 Review

Conclusion: Power Wheels Ford F150 Pickup Truck [rating:4] After many hours of research and reading reviews of ride on cars ...
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Topeak II child bike seat

Child Bike Seat Review: Topeak Babyseat II vs. CoPilot Limo & Bell CoCoon

Conclusion: Topeak Babyseat II [rating:4] A quick search for kids bicycle seat on Amazon brings up a list of about ...
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Roku HD Media Player; NetFlix on your TV

Ok - so I know this doesn't sound like much of a 'kids' product per-se, and we didn't buy it ...
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Fisher Price Power Wheels Lil’ Quad Review

Our oldest boy received the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil' Quad for his first birthday from some friends and while we ...
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fisher-price-bubble-mower xlt

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower XLT Review

My wife Tammy and I aren't big on buying lots of gifts for xmas since we are generally repulsed by ...
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Mongoose Wrecker Trike Review

My oldest boy broke the handlebars off of his old Radio Flyer tricycle (I'll review that one at some point ...
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Sidewalk Chalk

I am always thinking about ways to provide healthy entertainment for my very-active 3 year old that will keep him ...
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Best Board Books for Toddlers and Dads

Am I the only one who struggles reading some of the crappy books that are published for toddlers? I have ...
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Secret Trick to get your Toddlers to go to Bed!

We have always had to work with our 3 year old to get him to stop playing and go to ...
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Quid Pro Quo Parenting

Quid Pro Quo is latin for 'this for that' and is perhaps most well known in workplace human resources language ...
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