Secret Trick to get your Toddlers to go to Bed!

Secret Trick to get your Toddlers to go to Bed!

We have always had to work with our 3 year old to get him to stop playing and go to bed, until recently.

I purchased these glow in the dark stars that stick to the ceiling, and now every nite, if our son is a ‘good boy’ and goes to bed, he get’s one new star to stick on his ceiling.

He can hardly wait until bed time now every night. There are 150 stars in the $8 package, so we should be in good shape for a while at least!

I hope this helps somebody out there with the same problem.

Please share your bedtime tips in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Secret Trick to get your Toddlers to go to Bed!

  1. Just found your blog. Well done.

    I have these for my daughter and she loves them. I will occasionally come in with my flashlight (120 lumens) and shine it on some of the stars and they are really bright when the lights are off.

    Also, whatever constellations are prominent in your area you can put on the ceiling. It is the big and little dipper for me.

    1. Hi Chad,
      Thanks for the great idea – I did notice that the glow only lasts for an hour or so, so ‘re-charging’ the stars with a flashlight is a great idea. I also like the idea of creating constellations that match what we can see in the sky to inspire their imaginations and wonderment. Cheers

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