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Best Board Books for Toddlers and Dads

Am I the only one who struggles reading some of the crappy books that are published for toddlers? I have bought and received dozens of books as gifts for our boys and I read to them every night at bed

Sidewalk Chalk

I am always thinking about ways to provide healthy entertainment for my very-active 3 year old that will keep him from wanting to either torment his little brother, destroy the house, or want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba all day

Mongoose Wrecker Trike Review


My oldest boy broke the handlebars off of his old Radio Flyer tricycle (I’ll review that one at some point as well), so I figured xmas would be a good time to get him a new one. He’s already well

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower XLT Review

fisher-price-bubble-mower xlt

My wife Tammy and I aren’t big on buying lots of gifts for xmas since we are generally repulsed by the mass consumerism during the holidays, and we usually just purchase items as we feel they are needed anyways. So,