Fisher-Price Bubble Mower XLT Review

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower XLT Review

My wife Tammy and I aren’t big on buying lots of gifts for xmas since we are generally repulsed by the mass consumerism during the holidays, and we usually just purchase items as we feel they are needed anyways.

So, that being said, the week before xmas we took the boys to the mall to get their annual Santa picture, they usually cry but we do it anyways out of tradition. This year, we were proud that our oldest finally figured out who the heck Santa is, and was brave enough to ask him for a ‘Lawnmower’!

Well, we thought that was so cute and funny that we told everyone about it afterwards. As xmas started approaching I realized that I wouldn’t be able to handle the heartbreak and confusion if my son didn’t get his lawnmower from Santa, and then it dawned on me: has 24 hour delivery, and they sell toys too!

I kicked into research mode and located these two lawnmowers on

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower XLT
fisher-price-bubble-mower xlt
Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower

After reading a bunch of reviews on, I learned that the Little Tikes mower doesn’t have enough clearance for the wheels to be used in the grass – it’s meant just for indoor play. I like the way it looks, and it has a cool gas can feature, but I needed one that would work outside, on the lawn, so I chose the Fisher-Price bubble mower.

We have so many Fisher-Price toys now that my 3 year old goes around saying ‘look! another Fisher Price!’ – whenever he see’s the little red logo they put on everything.

Anyways, I ordered the mower from on Monday, and it showed up the very next day! I am always blown away at how is able to deliver things so quickly. I read an article in wired magazine that explained that they have robots in their warehouses working around the clock on order fulfillment.. but I digress.

The mower was very simple to assemble, and I ended up removing the bubble feature since the boys will be playing with it indoors during the winter.

It came in just two pieces – all I had to do was insert the push bar into the body and I was done. It has since come out once during play, but doesn’t seem to be an issue. The mower makes a really cool motor sound that get’s louder the faster you push it, and it keeps humming after you stop due to some sort of internal spinning wheel noise maker mechanism.


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