Fisher Price Power Wheels Lil’ Quad Review

Fisher Price Power Wheels Lil’ Quad Review

Our oldest boy received the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil’ Quad for his first birthday from some friends and while we thought it was a bit too early for him and probably an excessive gift at the time.

To our surprise, it became a staple toy for him after he hit about 18 months and has withstood many many hours of enjoyment and abuse in the back yard.

The funny thing is that this thing says it is suitable for one year olds, which in our experience, is grossly overestimating the motor skills (pun) of any one year old. I mean, a child has to be able to walk before they can ride a motorcycle right? It should probably say 18mo+, and I wouldn’t recommend it for any earlier age myself.

Here are some pics. I didn’t take any when it was being assembled. It’s 2 years old now and has survived a lot of abuse. The battery still holds a charge for a long time, and the motor has a surprising amount of torque.


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