Mongoose Wrecker Trike Review

Mongoose Wrecker Trike Review

My oldest boy broke the handlebars off of his old Radio Flyer tricycle (I’ll review that one at some point as well), so I figured xmas would be a good time to get him a new one. He’s already well on his way with his two-wheeled bikes already, but since his younger brother will need a trike soon – I felt justified in splurging on this $68 Mongoose Wrecker Trike .

mongoose-wrecker-trikeI explained more of the back story here on how saved my butt with my last minute xmas shopping thanks to their 24 hour free shipping.

Anywho, I knew right away that the boys would love this tricycle because it comes with a tow truck hook on the back! For one, my oldest is a huge fan of Mater, the tow-truck from the Disney/Pixar Cars movie – and he used to enjoy dragging anything and everything behind him on his old trike.

Sure enough, Christmas morning came, and this trike stole the show. My oldest has been tearing around the house on it ever since, and that has become his new primary activity.

Things that make this a fine purchase:

  • Welded steel metal frame – Mongoose is known for making BMX bikes for years.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars allow for growing kids.
  • Tow bar and manual winch with rope and hook – a bit on the short side, but works pretty well.

Plastic wheels and tires – they seemed cheap and fragile at first, but now I’m finding that they are very quiet indoors which is nice, and I think they are filled w/ some sort of rigid foam that will probably make them last fairly well.

Here is the assembly photo gallery:


6 thoughts on “Mongoose Wrecker Trike Review

  1. I came across your page when google-ing how to tap an axle cap on. I bought an elliptical machine and have to tap an axle cap on to the handlebars. I cannot get it to stay on! Is there a trick to this I should know? Thanks!

    1. Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      The tap-on caps should be a very tight fit on the end.. if you’re finding that yours is falling off it could be that it is stretched out from being attached already. I’m guessing they didn’t include an extra one for you like the our wrecker tricycle had? I think the main trick is just to tap it on very gently so you don’t dent or bend it too much.. Good luck!

        1. Hey Mich
          I did a quick google search but didn’t come up with anything either.. sorry about that and best of luck!


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