Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

I am always thinking about ways to provide healthy entertainment for my very-active 3 year old that will keep him from wanting to either torment his little brother, destroy the house, or want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba all day long (even though we love that show).

I really want to set up an Art Room for him where he can go nuts with finger paints and other art supplies, any time he feels the urge. After repainting most of the interior walls to cover all the crayons and other marks he made with his toys and pretty much anything that would leave a mark, I know that an art room in the house would have to be a dedicated room, and we just don’t have one.

I am working on a club house in the back yard that will be set up for this eventually, but in the meantime I have found that sidewalk chalk is an excellent creative outlet that fits this need perfectly. We have a cement patio in the back yard and a couple of raised garden beds that provide plenty of surface for him to draw and color on. His creations stay for a few weeks and eventually the rain and wind erase them leaving a fresh canvas for new masterpieces.

This crayola brand comes in lot’s of colors and is very affordable. I went for the biggest box after going through a smaller one previously.

He loves getting a fresh new piece of chalk when his old ones get worn down, so that also provides a great opportunity for provide a good behavior reward.

Let me know how you provide a creative outlet for your kids in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Chalk

    1. Yes – I tell the boys that anything is fair game in the yard for the chalk – except for the side of the house. They like to draw on the fence, the patio furniture, the patio, trees, etc. The rain will wash it all away so they can start again. Cheers

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